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Service Booking Information

DEPOSIT: When you book, you will pay a £20 deposit (genital piercings and multiple piercing appointments have higher deposits) to secure your appointment. The deposit will be deducted from your final cost on the day. Please note that for multiple piercing appointments £60 is only a deposit. The overall cost will be dependent on which piercings you are interested in (see individual piercing fees), and any additional attachments chosen.

FEE INCLUDES: Price shown covers the service fee and includes implant grade titanium jewellery with plain internally threaded attachment(s). We do not pierce with rings (with the exception of daith and septum piercing). Other attachment options are available at an extra cost.

AFTERCARE: We will give you all of the information that you need to know for taking care of your piercing during your appointment, as well as digitally in your email inbox. Additionally, our piercer will show you what you need to do during the appointment as part of the 'wind down' period after being pierced. We have aftercare kits available for purchase for £13 that include everything required for caring for your new piercing(s).

Please note we do not under any circumstances perform surface tongue piercings, or "snake eye" tongue piercings.

If you are unsure of what jewellery you would like to use for your new piercing(s), please book a jewellery consultation with us prior to your appointment. This is so we can ensure we have enough time to go through all relevant information and the piercing process within the appointment time.

In 4 weeks you will be invited back in for a complimentary follow up in an email. We may be able to downsize the length of the jewellery at this point. We do not charge any fitting fees during this appointment, but you will have to pay for any new jewellery.

Healing times are estimated, and differ for each piercing. Please be aware that everyone heals at different times, and the process may not always be linear.

Deposits are non-refundable. Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment so the time can be offered to another client, otherwise you forfeit your deposit to the studio. Booking fees are also forfeited to the studio if you do not bring ID with you.

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