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Taking care of a new piercing is the most important factor during the entire duration of the healing process. 


When you are pierced with us we will provide you with written digital information on how to clean and care for your piercing, depending on the body placement you have chosen as well as verbally during your appointment.

We have all of the tools you will need including do's, do not's, and what to be aware of.

We have various sizes of aftercare kits to purchase in store, dependant on the piercing(s) you have, and duration of healing to be expected.

Our kits are available to purchase for everyone, whether you've been pierced by us or not. 

Here we will explain how best to care for your new piercing. Please follow these instructions diligently. This information has been carefully tailored by the piercing industry following many years of research, and has been a proven method for successful healing.

When a fresh piercing is performed the body sometimes may have a delayed reaction for the first day. It is perfectly normal to experience swelling the day after if you did not already.


Slight bleeding, swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising of the area is normal after you have had a piercing and is to be expected initially.


During the healing process your body may secrete a white/ yellow-ish liquid that forms a crust around the piercing site. This is very normal and is not pus. This is called “lymph” and is a natural part of the body’s healing process.

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