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Dee - Piercer at Mystique Piercing Boutique


"I've been piercing since 2006, for about 10 years I've been head piercer of iconic London Piercing Clinic. Love to be a part of a  constantly evolving industry and never stop learning, as there is always room for further development!

I have always liked a bit of a challenge - I'm very passionate about creating truly unique styling and create stunning body adornments for fellow human beings.

Best advice to any of my clients: DON'T TOUCH YOUR PIERCING!!!"

Instagram: @symbiotic_piercing


Image Credit: Lumina Obscura


"I've been working in the piercing industry for over five years, and with fine jewellery for the past four years. I have always had a passion for body modification, and the pursuit of expressing ones self through the adornment of the body. It is a continuous joy to be a part of the process in helping people embrace their individuality, and achieve their piercing dreams.


I'm a seasoned piercee myself, and never cease to be amazed at the ever evolving progression of this industry - tools and piercing theory, aftercare research studies, and of course the captivating beauty of safe jewellery that we all can't help but admire."

Hayley - Studio Manager at Mystique Piercing Boutique
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