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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing in the UK, we are taking precaution in how we provide our service. The following information below will explain how we regulate Mystique Piercing Boutique to help keep our customers and us safe. ​

- Please notify us if you are showing any flu-like symptoms, or have come into contact with anyone displaying symptoms. Minimum notice one day before your appointment to avoid loosing deposit.

- Please only make an appointment if you have not been travelling in the past two weeks.  

- A face mask will be required to your appointment, unless you are exempt. This will be the case even after restrictions will be lifted. ​ 

- A strict one-to-one service (unless you are parent or legal guardian). Only the individual who has an appointment will be able to enter Mystique Piercing Boutique, anyone accompanying the piercee will be asked to leave.

- Hand washing facilities and sanitizing gel are available upon arrival, please use these amenities before your appointment.


Booking Information

- AGE 14+ FOR PIERCING  - This is by law in the Hackney council. 

- Please make sure you have eaten before your piercing appointment.

- We require ID for our piercing services no matter your age. This is to validate our release forms which you will have a copy of.

- We will NOT pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing.

All of our piercing services include medical grade titanium. We have a wide range of jewellery available to upgrade at the time of your appointment if you wish.


We use titanium that is ASTM F136 compliant this is a medical grade titanium which is corrosion resistant, therefore it will not react readily with oxygen or body fluid. Titanium is hypoallergenic which helps if your are sensitive to certain materials such as nickel. This reduces risk of initial allergic reaction to your healing piercing. Titanium is a light, dense and a non-magnetic metal making it perfect for initial piercing. 

Why are there two services for genital consultation?

We understand travelling or general lifestyle maybe a factor for wanting to have your genital piercing the same day as your consultation. We recommend booking in for your genital consultation and coming back minimum the next working day for your piercing.

During your consultation you will be given information of the piercing position, piercing procedure, jewellery choice for initial piercing, options for when your piercing has healed, you will also be advised on how to look after your new piercing. 

For this reason we feel it's best to take time to digest the information provided and come back. 

However, if you feel ready we have created a "same day genital consultation and piercing" service which will allocate time for consultation and genital piercing the very same day.

This service requires you to pay 50% of piercing deposit for the same day consultation and piercing procedure.

If your anatomy isn't suitable for your desired genital piercing, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

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